What is Risk Assessment? omh tips
What is Risk Assessment? omh tips


Every workplace needs to go through proper risk assessment.To carefully examine the things that could at any point cause harm to the employees and set out plans to control these risks is known as risk assessment.It is essential in workplaces so that the health and safety measures can manage properly.

It also focuses on reducing the number of incidents that happen in a work environment. Thus, its importance cannot be denied and ignored in any case


Why Attempt a Risk Assessment?

Risk assessment is more of law for each workplace. It ensures safety for your workers and a secure workstation enhances the productivity too. We should evaluate risk management before starting of any such production task which could cause any harm to the workers.

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Moreover, if there are risks and injuries involved in it, then a plan should be set up so that those risks could be minimized or taken care of before the works begin. It is not sufficient to start off with such projects which manifest damage until risk management evaluated.

Risk management requires an experienced person. Make sure that the individual is capable of clearing all your doubts and sets up amazing plans to overcome all the risks that are opened up after the assessment.


Risk Assessment Pie Chart
Risk Assessment Pie Chart

How is Risk Assessment Carried Out?

You don’t find a set of rules and regulations that you need to follow in this. Neither do you get a step to step guide on how to carry our risk assessment? In this procedure, however, some major principles cannot be overlooked. Here are some policies that can assure you that risk assessment evaluated entirely and not a scope of doubt remains.

  1. Point out all the hazards, no matter how small they might seem
  2. Look into how these hazards can be harmful and to whom they could be so
  3. Evaluate all the risks firmly
  4. Make plans or set out control measures for all the risks precisely
  5. Record all of your findings and then implement them
  6. Review your assessment correctly
  7. Update it, if anything is required to add.
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Example of risk assessment template & risk assessment matrix.


Risk assessment template
Risk assessment template – Online Marketing Hits


Risk Assessment Matrix
Risk Assessment Matrix – Online Marketing

Make sure that you review your risk assessment on a regular basis. You can do so on a monthly basis or once every two months, depending on how much control you have got on the risks and incidents at your workplace.


Risk management is essential to make your place of work a better and secure place. You need to focus on making your workstation an ideal location for your workers.

If they feel confident, they will work better and put in more efforts which will be fruitful for your company. Therefore, put in efforts to make your workplace or company a “free of risks” place so that you can grow it to the heights you have dreamt.

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