google Adwords explanation from omh
google Adwords explanation from omh


AdWords (Google AdWords) is an advertising service by Google for business wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising networks. The AdWords programs enable the business to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads.

The ads service primarily focused on keywords. The business that uses AdWords can create relevant ads using the Google “search engine.” The keyword, when searching for triggers your ads to be shown.

AdWords at the top ads that appear under the heading “sponsor links” found on the right-hand side or above Google search results. If your AdWords is clicked on, Google search users are then directed to your websites.

Google AdWords enables advertisers to get relevant traffic and potential customers for their websites and products. Google AdWords is an artificial way to get traffic or visitors; when we say inorganic, it means getting traffic or visitors by paying some amount of money to Google.

Google AdWords works on the Pay-per-click concept, and most popular online advertisements program among advertisers as compared to its other counterparts, Google AdWords enjoys about 75% of online advertisement network.


How Google AdWords evolve

Google AdWords was introduced in the year 2000 as a pay-per-impression advertising platform, which was again inspired by, which later became Overture and finally acquired by Yahoo. 

Bidding was done at CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) concept, and higher bidder had the advantage to get the top position at SERP (search engine results page). The pay-per-impression advertising platform introduced by Google saw about 300% growth rate in just two years.

In 2002 Google came up with the pay-per-click concept of online advertisement model, and bidding system got much better and authentic.

With the increased popularity of pay-per-click advertisement model, Google focused more on targeted advertisement in the year 2005-2008 and soon introduced AdSense to enhance the website selection base for display advertisements. 

Many tracking tools and features were added in AdWords so that advertiser can analyze and track their visitors. Display advertisement method was added which GIF compatible.

Post-2008 to till date Google keep on adding many exciting features like Google shopping, insight for auction, etc., and soon advertisers started launching various advertisement campaigns, and today 95% of Google revenue comes from AdWords.


Types of Google Advertisements Network using AdWords

Campaigns Page of Google Adwords
Campaigns Page of Google Adwords

Google advertisement network is types of various programs which come with AdWords, using all these networks advertisers have got options to creative online advertisement campaign. 

The Google advertisement network can be broadly classified into The “Search Network” and “Display Network” which can be used further as solitude or with the combination. Let’s discuss various advertisement networks as below:

Search Network Only:

These are various search platforms where an advertiser can promote his advertisement and website; these platforms include search related websites like Google search platform and its other search partners.

type of adwords campaigns

Display Network Only:

This network includes all website which offers display system for an online advertisement, these websites include Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, Google Finance, etc., these networks also include mobile sites and apps (applications), and Google refers them as “Placements.”

Search Network with Display Select:

Advertisers have one more option for their campaign (campaign here refers to the all online advertisement and activities which advertiser performs), in which advertiser extend their search campaign with having display network features too.

Google suggests this is best possible marketing campaign available with AdWords and results in 15% more results than first two advertisement network. Based on this entire advertisement network the similar ads will appear for the advertisers.

Video Ads:

Advertisers can reach out to the potential customers by using Google’s Video Ads. If you have a video of your product or business then use this ad strategy. Google Adwords starts broadcasting your video in between Youtube Videos.


Advertisement or Ad Forms on Different Network

Below are the lists of advertisement that run on search network only:

  • Text Ads or advertisements which appear on search network like Google or its other search partners, these advertisements are having labeled on them as – “Ad” or “Ads.”
  • Various advertisements with extensions like – calls, locations, reviews, site links, callouts, rating, etc., can also appear on the search network.
  • Various e-commerce and shopping advertisements appear on the search network, which is labeled as “sponsored.”
  • Image and video advertisements can also appear on the search network; these ads can be hosted by various search partners of Google.


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Below are the lists of advertisement that run on display network only:

  • Text advertisements
  • Various artworks which include images and photos come from display network.
  • Graphical advertisements which animation or other types of graphics comes under display network.
  • Advertisements which include any video to come under display network like YouTube.

We know now that Google AdWord provides new advertisements networks to the advertisers where they can choose the network and platforms as per their requirements. 

Through advertising and marketing studies it is clear that image or display creates more significant impact in the mind of clients and have the longer impression as compared to text advertisements.


“Keywords” in Google AdWords, and its Significance

The basic step to create the advertisement using Google AdWord or setting up an online advertising campaign is to create “Keywords.” These keywords are nothing but words or phrases which are being set into AdWords by the advertisers. 

These words and phrases are set in the best fashion so that it describes advertisers services, products, skills, etc. perfectly, and ultimately internet users get relevant websites or products.

Setting up keywords is a technique and method that every online marketer or advertiser should learn, some advertiser who can’t do it themselves hire digital or online marketing professionals. 

Keywords are the pivotal connector between online users and advertisers. Choice of proper using of Keywords is necessary for the visibility of advertisements.

Advertisers have to keep in mind that they should use a proper keyword which best describes their products and services, which ultimately leads to more significant potential customers and more traffic to their website.

Using proper keywords is very important for the advertisers, otherwise it will lead to unnecessary traffic which will consume their money unnecessarily. Also, bounce rate (the bounce rate can be defined as traffic which finds website irrelevant and diverts from the website within 5 seconds) will increase in advertiser’s site which in long run the reputation of the website or brand.


How to Build and Plan Keywords List or Lists

It requires continuous efforts and skills to build and plan Keywords, skillful planning and proper understanding of online or digital advertisements helps advertisers to have collection best keywords he can implement in his online campaigns, which ultimately results in creating his online presence, getting relevant traffic and build a data of potential customers.  

So, proper and smart implementations of keywords are significant to get better results in SEM that is Search Engine Marketing. Below are few points which every online advertiser should implement to get better results while using keywords in Google AdWords.


Think like a customer

As we understood by know using keywords is the central concept for search network and display network; advertisers have to think like an internet user or customers while implementing keywords. 

The advertiser should use proper keywords which he can think customers or potential client can believe while searching for any services or products online. It’s beneficial for advertisers to be in customers cap and this technique will always yield helpful results for advertisers while selecting and implementing keywords.

Classify the specific products to potential customers

Many times it happens that an advertiser has lot many products or services to offer to their potential customers or clients. 

In that case, the advertiser can classify or tailor their products into categories; this method will help the customers to land into relevant webpage or website and classifying products into various groups and categories ultimately results in higher relevant traffic and conversions. (Conversion can be defined as when the advertiser’s potential customer converted into happy buyer).

Increase the traffic with general keywords

It happens many times that new advertiser want to increase just traffic to his/her website, and they don’t want to sell anything, in that case, advertiser can implement general keywords where he can get as much traffic as he can, obviously there will be some irrelevant traffic in this method but this technique will help advertiser to generate considerable traffic in less time.

Specify similar keywords with similar Ad Groups

It’s always advisable to the advertiser to group related keywords in identical ad groups (and groups can be defined as a collection of advertisements in which similar keyword can be implemented), this technique not only consumes less time of advertiser but also enable the customer to search and find specific things.

Relating keywords to the websites and applications enjoyed by customers

This is one more innovative way to attract potential customers to the website any advertiser can apply. The advertiser can select keywords as per the search habits and according to the websites and applications which target customer visits explicitly.

Drain out irrelevant traffic with negative keywords

Its always excellent habit to leave out negative keywords. So, every advertiser should keep in mind that their keyword should not generate any unnecessary traffic which of no use to the advertiser. 

The advertiser can apply the technique of using negative keywords which ultimately results in drain out unnecessary traffic and results in lower bounce rate. This method is also useful when the advertiser wants to improve his click-through rate and don’t want his money to get vanished with irrelevant traffic.

Analyzing search term reports

The advertiser can always reframe and reselect his keywords in his online campaigning, as Google AdWords provides various tools to the advertiser where he can analyze which keyword or set of keywords is yielding positive results for his campaign. 

These reports help the advertiser to identify profitable keywords which are specific to his requirements, not much costly and ultimately results in higher conversion rate.

Proper use of keyword planner

Google AdWords provides one more original feature to the new advertisers, in fact, experienced advertisers can also apply this feature where they can get the help of keywords planner. 

The keyword planner tool helps the advertiser to get ideas about innovative and new keywords, provides the estimation of the potential traffic that is going to be generated, conversion rates that are keyword going to provide and also provides ideas about the cost-effectiveness of the keywords.

We have seen how keywords can be implemented and how proper implementation works for the benefit of an advertiser and internet user, in this section we will discuss the types of keywords and their usage.


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Types of keywords and their usage

Using proper keyword is very necessary for every online marketer or advertiser if the proper keyword is not implemented advertiser won’t get relevant traffic or potential customers, Which is not beneficial to him at all. So, using right keyword and understanding types of keywords is always should be an essential concept for the advertiser, let’s discuss types of keywords as below:

Broad Match

As the term shows it’s a broad match of keywords which internet user can apply and in any order, it just needs advertisers implemented keywords in any order and internet user can land on an online page or website which he was not meant for. The advertisement can be shown for any singular or plural form, synonyms, related searches and other relevant variations that user can employ.

Broad Match Modifier

To lower the unnecessary traffic AdWords provides “broad match modifier” keyword which enables the advertiser to get more relevant traffic. This keyword allows for the advertiser to stream out irrelevant traffic by just putting (+) sign in front of the keyword.

Phrase Match

This keyword provides relevant traffic to the advertiser, as whenever internet user searches online and his “ search phrase”  matches precisely with the keyword provided by the advertiser the user will get the relevant landing page. It works mostly for those type of advertisers who want we have specific traffic or customers.

Exact Match

This keyword is beneficial to the advertiser when online or internet user search for the precise phrase or keyword which is provided by the advertiser. AdWords also make sure if very close variants of the keyword are being searched it will show the results to the internet user. 

The fundamental difference between exact and phrase match is that if internet user enters additional words before of the keywords, the advertisement won’t show up. This type of keyword always ensures the most relevant traffic and potential customers.


Negative keyword or negative match

It’s pronounced for every advertiser that they don’t want irrelevant traffic to their websites or online searchers who are not at all useful for them. Negative keyword provides the advertiser with an additional tool where he can drain out unwanted searches and clicks.

When choosing keywords for your AdWords campaign different matching options are present. And the two main keyword match options include the following:

Broad Match: This reaches the most users by showing your ads, wherever your keyword searches for.

Negative Match: This option prevents your ads from showing when a word or phrase you specify searches for.

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Phrase Match: Your ads are shown for searches that match the exact phrase.

Exact Match: your ads are shown for searches that match the exact phrase exclusively.

Sales and support for Google’s AdWords division in the United States are based in Mountain View, California with principal secondary offices in Hyderabad, Dublin, Singapore, Ann Arbor and New York City. The third largest facility is in Mountain View, California, headquarters. Engineering for Google AdWords is based on Mountain View, California with principal secondary offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Google has an efficient and active official public support community maintained and frequented by highly experienced AdWords users and Google employees. In 2011, AdWords represented 96% of Google’s revenue.


Importance Of Google AdWords:

Google is one of the most significant searching sites on the internet, and to use the internet as a profit-making source, one need to use Google.

Google AdWords makes your marketing tasks a whole a lot easier by bringing significant per click traffic through the utilization of proper keywords. When these keywords convert to marketing and sales, the traffic driven from the Google AdWords is turned to profit.

Many factors contribute to the Google AdWords as a method for websites to earn profits. Google AdWords’ location targeting enhances the importance of the campaign all the more.

Location targeting is one of the essential useful components of implementing a successful PPC campaign. It determines which location a particular ad campaign will be shown and thus one can customize and displays per location.

It’s also disabled locations where the ads need not be displayed. These features that come along with the Google AdWords campaign highlights its importance for a business.


Advantages of Google AdWords:

Now, after highlighting the Google AdWords, let’s focus on the reasons behind its use for a successful campaign.

Small Initial Investments:

It is the primary reason why Google AdWords is famous; Google AdWords comes with the little initial investments. You need to pay only a small amount to create an AdWords accounts, after this you can release content, the payment will be billed with every click.

Therefore with each click, the absolute amount is billed, and if no click happens no amount will be charged.

Defining Budget:

You can set your budget with Google AdWords and monitor it, thereby, reducing any overspending. After creating an account, the bid for any keyword is independent of the choice. By using this, you can fix your budget as well.

High ROI:

Google AdWords comes with the Return On Investment (ROI). Ti means you need to pay Google per click. When suggesting your investment is returned against assured business. There is a higher chance of business on Google.

Target Traffic:

Ti is an advantageous aspect of Google AdWords, by using this you can bring targeted traffic directly to websites. As ads are displayed with the defined title and description, the severe audience will end up clicking these links and taking a further call to action.

Thus, Google AdWords serves as an efficient way of bringing traffic to your online business. etc


Create Campaign in Google Adwords

create search campaign
create a search campaign

After Selecting Search Campaign to give your campaign a name, as we gave her Online Marketing Hits.

Then Select type – Either Standard or All features of Google search AdWords.

advertising locations adwords
advertising locations AdWords

Now you can select the locations, where you want to advertise. You can go by country, state or citywide. After choosing the area, you can choose the language from which you want to boost.

CPC Advertising bid strategy
CPC Advertising bid strategy

Now you can select Which kind of bidding you want. We choose manual cost per click bid strategy. We tick yes on click Enable enhanced CPC.

Enhanced CPC: It’s excellent if you select yes on this because from our experience it saves a lot of money.

Delivery Method in adwords
Delivery Method in AdWords


Delivery Method: There is two kind of delivery method either standard & accelerated.

Standard: Optimize delivery of ads, spending budget evenly over time.

Accelerated: This will finish your budget very fast, and we don’t recommend that because your ads will show at night also when you don’t want.


Ad Extensions Adwords
Ad Extensions Adwords

AdExtensions: Sometimes this is very useful sometimes. But it depends on the kind of business you have. So click the checkbox or boxes you want to show your ads.

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