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Resignation Letter Example for Regretful Departures

Resignation Letter With Regret

So, you have planned to explore new opportunities and like to take new career challenges; you have also informed your HR department with two weeks resignation notice, but that is not enough you should always present copy of your resignation letter to your immediate boss and employer, so that they should also aware of your plans that you want to resign and explore want to explore new challenges in your career. And we talk about presenting a resignation letter, this only is not enough because you may need to be in positive files of your immediate boss or employer as they can provide you with further reference in future which is essential for your career growth and when you are into the professional and corporate world. Your resignation letter which you submit to your HR department may sit dormant in their desk but be presenting your resignation letter to your immediate boss or employer will always be beneficial to you, they will be impressed with your professionalism and surely you will stand out when you do so.

In corporate world you never know that your former bosses or employer may come out to be your new client or may have interesting projects or plans for you in future, because one can cross the paths with past employer and many possibilities of that they will provide you with good references which will be beneficial for you in your professional career.

Essentials things which you can include in your resignation letter  

Opening lines of your resignation letters: well while submitting your resignation letter you need not be very creative in writing it; as it is just your notification to your employer that you are leaving the job. So while writing your resignation letter just specify your point clearly that you are going to resign, and the last date of your employment in the office. This information in your opening lines or paragraph of resignation letter is enough to know your employer that you want to quit the job, and when you specify your termination date it will help them to manage the things until transition period. It is very likely that you have already told your immediate boss or employer in person about your reason for leaving the job, so no need to describe everything in details while writing the resignation letter. Just keep your resignation letter simple, brief and to the point without elaborating anything irrelevant and useless details.

Be thankful and express your gratitude: You should always have the thankful tone in your resignation letter for the opportunity the employer or company have provided you; which helped you to learn the new skills as well as enhanced your personal and professional growth. You must be very excited for exploring new opportunities and challenges in your career but that does not mean you should be complaining and write out all your negative emotions in the letter. Your resignation letter is not a chance for you to be critical or mentions the things which may not be very good to you, but it is the opportunity for you to be positive and elaborate the good things which happened to you during your working tenure in the company or organization. As, again said earlier nobody knows when you are going to cross the paths with your current employer or boss, but you should always leave on the positive note as they will provide you reference which are required for your career growth in future too.   

Offer your help while handing off the job: As you are resigning from your job you should always offer your help to your company and employer, you can help them in your transition period, you can help your immediate boss or employer with the selection of candidate in your place besides that you can also offer your help to train your replacement. Always keep in mind that do not offer the things which you cannot stand for as it will drop into the negative files of your employer, so promise only that much which you can deliver. Also, you should complete the task and work given to you in your remaining days you should perform all your duties well and it will really impress your immediate boss or employer.

Just make sure that you are really committed to all the work given to you till your last date of employment in the company, as it will help to create the positive and professional image of you in the eyes of your immediate boss and employer.  

Below you will find the example of the resignation letter in which you are expressing your regret and being thankful to the employer.


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Regret resignation letter sample

Dear Mr./Ms. last Name of the employer

I regret to inform you that I will be resigning from XYZ company from the post of “Mention post name”. My last date of employment in the company will be 20th September, 20XX.

I really like to thank you for all your support which I got during my work tenure in the office, I truly appreciate the opportunities which I have got during my work tenure, the guidance provided by you and seniors really helped me to enhance my personal and professional growth. I really enjoyed my work tenure in the company & I will miss you and my team members.

Please let me know if I can provide any help or assistance during my last days in the office, I can train the new candidate who is going to take my position.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name (If it is printer or hardcopy resignation letter)

You can also send email resignation message if you don’t have time to write the resignation letter or if you are working remotely with the company. You can also refer the email resignation messages which we have already provided in our previous articles so that you can get the idea about email resignation messages. You can change it as per your situation and circumstances. But, the necessary tips which are given in email resignation messages you can follow that.

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