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Resignation Letter After Maternity Leave Example

Many times a situation occur in professional and corporate world that you need to resign because of maternal or parental leave, but it is just a short term leave and you would really like to join the company after performing your maternal or paternal duties.

If this is the case you can use this maternal leave resignation letter and customize it for your personal situation. You can submit both maternal leave resignation letter and maternal leave resignation email below you will be provided with both the examples so you can use any one as per your wish.


Writing a Resignation Letter when You Are on Maternity Leave

It is really a challenge when you are on your maternal leave as you are not present in the office so you can’t have personal dialogue with your immediate boss or employer, so writing resignation letter or resignation email is always advisable, and you should use proper language and your resignation letter or email should be very professional when you have planned to take maternity leave.

So, talking, in general, keep your resignation letter or email message short and to the point and this holds true for maternal resignation letter too, the most important things which you would like to communicate with your immediate boss or employer is as follows:

  • Always include what will be your official last date in the company or an organization as it will help your company or bosses to arrange your replacement in that period.
  • Clearly mention the reason for your leave, so that your employer should understand the reason of your leave properly.
  • You want to have maternity leave, but still, you can offer your services or help to the company this move of yours will really appreciable in front of your immediate boss and employer.
  • Don’t forget to write thanks giving note or lines in your resignation letter to your employer for all their support.

Let’s discuss about the things which you can do and which you should avoid while presenting your maternal resignation letter or maternal resignation email message: As you have finally decided to take a maternal resignation leave but at the same time you should keep in mind that or the things which you should always do are – don’t forget to clean up your desk and computer, try to have personal talk with all your close colleague and employer before taking a leave so that they can have optimum time to find your temporary replacement and company should function smoothly.

As you are going to take the maternal leave you should ask the various benefits that company can provide you, you should always ask your employer of the company for the insurance or any other help that company can provide you during your leave period.


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Example of Resignation Letter After maternal Leave

Mention Your Name

Mention Your Address

Mention City, State, Zip Code







City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Manager

I am writing this resignation letter to make into your notice that I will resign from my duties and responsibilities on 17th of September, this month, as you already know that I am going to have my first child this month and I won’t be able to perform duties after my maternity leave. I have decided that I will give my full time to my child for his well being and for his foreseeable future.

I really like to thank you for your understanding and please let me know how I can help you during this transitional phase of the company. You can always get in touch with me through emails or contact me over on my number, I will also like to visit the office in between so that I can provide any needful help and pass off my contacts, emails or any other official information that will be beneficial for the company.  


Your Signature (If it is hard copy letter)

Your First Name Last Name


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Let’s see below the sample of resignation maternal email message

Subject – Maternity Leave – Mention Your Name


As you know I am on maternity leave since last two months, and I have spent a lot of time thinking about what will be my further action. After much thinking and having the conversation with my family I have decided to stay at home and would not be able to join the office after my maternity leave. Please accept my resignation which will be effective from 19th of this month, 20XX.

It’s been always my pleasure to work with your support and guidance and to be a part of ABCD Company. I feel really thank full and appreciate the things which I have learned in the company which always helped me to grow my skills and experience.

You can always let me know if I can be your assistance during this transitional period and you can always contact me on phone or via email. I would also like to come to the office if necessary so that I can provide you with my contacts email our other required information needed to the company.


First Name Last Name


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Things To Keep In Mind While sending Email Message

It may be possible that you are very professional or may be very novice in writing a resignation letter or resignation email message to your employer, and things get tough when you are already at home and sending your maternal resignation from home. If you have decided to email your maternal resignation message then you should always apply the proper email resignation guide which we have discussed above.

Don’t forget to include your necessary attachments with your email resignation message, proofread the email resignation before clicking the send button, and should have proper language and proper structure of the body of the email resignation message.

The information provided above for maternity resignation letter or maternity email message is just for your guidance, you should always adopt it as per your personal situation and circumstances while writing the maternal resignation letter or maternal resignation email message.

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