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Independent Contractor Resignation Letter Example

When you want to resign as an independent contractor it is not always necessary to give your employer the specific notice but it provides them your resignation notice it will be always appreciable. You can also mention your availability of additional work before your resignation if you are having any mention it in your resignation letter.

Below you will find the sample of resignation letter which you can send via email, or as an attachment or as email resignation message. Tailor the sample below to fit your requirements and as per your circumstances.


Independent Contractor Resignation Letter Sample   

Subject: – Your Name – Resignation

Dear (Mention Name)

I am really thankful for the freelance opportunity which your organization has provided me, I really appreciate the work and projects which I have worked on but now I would like to resign to work as an independent contractor so that I can pursue full-time salaried employment.

I will be available as an independent contractor for next two weeks so if there are any assignment and projects which I can work on during this time, I would love to work on them and can provide my assistance on those projects.

If you want to contact me in future or would have any questions about the projects which I have done you can always contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX or you can also email me at name@email.com.

Best Regards


Your Signature (If it is hardcopy letter)

Your Typed Name


Well below are the guidelines which you can follow while sending email resignation message:


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Tips To Write The Body of Resignation Emails

After framing proper subject line for the resignation email it is very important to have proper structure and language of the resignation emails. To begin to use proper salutation like  Dear Mr./Ms. Name.

Always maintain professional toning throughout the body of the resignation letter, and you must avoid using any negative comments and terms in the email, even if your resignation reasons are not so positive. If you have had enjoyed healthy and positive terms with your immediate boss or employer then you should leave the job on a positive note and you may need their recommendations and references in future.

Never forget to include your last day of service in the company and you can mention the reason for resigning briefly. It may be possible that you are having negative reasons for the resigning then you can include the phrase like, “looking for new opportunities” rather than using negative terms or words.

If you still have some days for resigning then you can offer your help to the company during this period of transition. To maximize the positive tone in your resignation email you can always express your gratitude towards the company by appreciating the work opportunity they have provided you and which increased your skills and experience in the related field.

Always close your resignation email professionally and include terms like “Sincerely”, etc in your closing lines followed by your name and contact information. Always keep in mind that your resignation email will be permanent records in the books of your company or employer.

Always re-check your resignation email for any spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, and typographical errors. You should frame all your attachments with resignation email very professionally, attachments included can be a cover letter, initial application, resume etc.

It’s always on your support to leave the job in best possible terms you may never know you may encounter your present employer or your colleagues in future, so you must maintain positive terms with all while resigning. The last thing you can do is to give them a reason to speak ill of you to potential and further employers.


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Tips & Techniques To Resign From Job Via Email

Frankly speaking, email is really not the best way to inform your employer that you are resigning from the job, it actually suits to the employees who are working remotely for the organization or company. It is always advisable you should discuss your resignation personally or via phone. But sometimes due to many circumstances make you use email for notifying your resignation and it’s an unavoidable situation many times. This situation mainly occurs when you are not going to the office or you are facing some difficulties in your office. In following sections, you will be provided with all the necessary guidelines and information when you really need to quit the job via email.


Tips to Send Resignation Via Email

If suppose circumstances made you quit the job and you are notifying your employer via email but giving two-week notice is always important as it is considered standard too. It may also happen that giving formal notice is not possible as you are not going to the office or to your workplace and you are unable to provide standard notice, but you should provide your employer with ample notice as you can to have healthy working relations or having good relations after you leave the job.

You should never think or get a feeling that you should provide the exact details of why you are quitting the job and moreover this not the opportunity for you to complain about your company and co-workers. Always keep your resignation message brief and to the point and only include the details which are really required.

So, as an independent contractor you don’t have to follow or be very professional but letting your employer know about your resignation is always advisable, because in the professional world nobody knows who will come across our path in future or maybe as an independent worker or contractor you may need further references or recommendations. It will also be helpful while pursuing the full-time salaried position.

Always be specific and genuine in your resignation email message or letter, use kind words and be gentle to your employer.

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