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Managerial Finance is actually a branch of finance that mainly concerns with managerial significance of finance techniques. Managerial Finance is focused on assessment rather than techniques.

What is a ‘Bank Reconciliation Statement’?

Accounting is a process of summarizing the information, analyzing the data, interpreting and then reporting it. It is related to the financial transactions. Accounting...

What is Meant By ‘Chattel’?

Chattel is a part of the personal property that can be moved from one place to another and hence it can be borrowed with...

Is It possible To Rollover After-Tax 401(k) Funds Into Roth IRA

You must be knowing what 401(k) plan is and how it works. As it is the retirement plan set by your employer in which...

How Do I Get A Free Credit Report?

The major three credit bureaus can quickly provide you the free credit report; you can easily get one report from an each bureau in...

What is a ‘Municipal Bond’ ?

The debt issues of state and local government units are called municipal bonds. Interest on such bonds is exempt from federal income taxes, which...

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